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Welcome to our Domestic Customer Page

We know how difficult it is to find individual help for Microsoft Access. There is plenty of assistance for businesses, large and small, but very little help readily available for an individual who uses Access at home.

We recognise this shortfall and are committed to providing individual people with a forum and safe place to chat about all things access and to obtain assistance on an individual scale, tailored to their specific needs.

It could be anything for example -

* Keeping track of family and friends details

* Keeping journals

* Organising personal data

* Operating a small business venture

* Organising hobbies and hobby data

* Assisting with Home Schooling, Printing or Emailing Reports, Collating Information or keeping track of Exam results.

Absolutely anything.  

Whatever your needs are, if you are having difficulty, or would like help or advice, please feel free to drop us a line and take a look at our free Tutorials list.

There is never any hard sell, we are only interested in solving problems for our customers and we want them to be happy to return as many times as they need.

So come and talk to us and see for yourself.